Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Southern State is seriously underrated!

We went for a little trip last month. Just a week.

South Australia really has some stunning scenery. We hit the Fleurieu Peninsula, Barossa Valley, Flinders Ranges and topped it off Cage diving with Great White sharks in Port Lincoln. Quite the whirlwind.

I thought I’d share some nice spots & shots if you choose to do a little road trip of your own.

We stayed at Collingrove Homestead in Angaston (which is somewhere around the Barossa Valley.)
Riddled with history. No ghosts (I was hoping for clanging keys and the like). The original owner came over from England back in the 1800’s and built the house in the English style to make his wife feel at as home as possible. Because of the tremendous contribution the owners and land provided to the are, the government have ensured that it’s been brought back to its original state after a few years of abandonment.

This room had a prince stay in it back in the day.
This family ended up owning 14 million acres of land which has since been sold off over the years.  It’s no wonder they needed their own petrol pump.
I just loved it everywhere I looked.

We caught a cab to ‘Appellation’ for dinner at The Louise. It’s renowned for its exceptional food. And it was superb. SU-PERB I tell you! We did the chef’s tasting menu. It was the first time A had tasted Lamb’s Tongue. I’ve never seen it on a menu before but growing up with my father's love of it, we often had it on sandwiches for lunch. The whole meal was the best I’ve had in a very long time and it gave us a great opportunity to taste test some of SA's great wines.

Driving from the Barossa to the Flinders Ranges is great. The landscape changes from rich greens into reds, purples and pinks. Kangaroos and emu’s dart about. It was baby lamb season. They are the cutest things snuggled into the grass – so small that all you could see was the tips of their heads. If you have children and plan to go, do it this time of year.
Those little lambs are a sight to see.

The old stone homes are everywhere and I didn’t tire of admiring them, or the crazy amount of cool old clapped out cars.

We had big intentions of doing the walk to Wilpena Pound but time did not permit. Next visit. We stayed in one of Rawnsley Park Stations Eco Villas which has glorious views over the ranges. On the other side of these ranges pictured is Wilpena Pound.
Wine and cheese was provided in our room to enjoy the sunset – which we happily did. The roof above the bed opens to clear glass so you can ‘sleep under the stars’.
This was the way out from Wilpena on the way down to Port Lincoln. Wilpena Pound in the background there. 'A' knows how to use the landscape thing on the camera. Fancy.
Shark diving was tops. They are enormously enormous. So much fun. They drop the bate right in front of the cage so you see the sharks mouth open, eyes roll back and their jaw protrude onto the bate.  It’s not at all scary but very invigorating – we felt 200% safe in the cage. There were about 5 sharkes cruising around when we were down. Very cool. Most definitely worth the drive to Port Lincoln.

The cage is pretty big and so is that gap. A smaller shark swam up slowly between myself and the guy next to me and nudged the cage just below the gap. If i were a shark - i would've aimed better. Thank goodness he wasn't that smart because i'm sure his head would've fit through it. The largest shark of the day was a monster at 5.5m long.

We enjoyed Oysters at Coffin Bay on the last day of the season at Oyterbeds Restaurant. Coffin Bay, 30mins out of Lincoln is very quaint and have super cool old beach shacks right on the water's edge.
We pub hopped in Adelaide down lane ways into the warmth of Art Deco hotels and that was the trip done and dusted.
There's more to SA than the Barossa.


  1. Brilliant trip. I've never thought much of SA, but then I've never been there.

    Sharks! You crack me up! I would never do that!! Might let the kids though ... hmmm.

  2. You've sold it for me. What a fabulous trip. I've only been to Adelaide once for a short work trip...I'd love to able to visit SA properly.xx