Monday, June 18, 2012

Black Bathrooms

I like black. Since we renovated upstairs and I painted the bathroom cupboard black, I had visions of the downstairs bathroom being painted black - the visions are still there.

I googled images this morning in an effort to convince 'A' that a black bathroom is in fact for everyone ..... do you think this cuts the mustard? Because this is kind of how I want it all to roll out .... colour wise grey and black and stone.
Not every inch of the place'll be black. Just the main wall and shower unit.

A deep grey wall and black vanity & mirror is another option which I really like too.

Will I have the guts to do this or will I just fall back on grey and white? 
I know what A will say.
"Would you buy a house with a black bathroom.....?"


  1. Black vanities look great, not sure about black vanity against a black wall - the vanity kind of got lost. Plus if you hate the vanity colour in a few years it's a bit easier to change than all the tiling on the walls. melx

    1. He Bungalowgirl, It'll all be paint. Nothing as permanent as tiling. Am leaning more toward the black vanity and grey wall as per the last pic I think. You're right though, i'm bound to change my mind again in a few years so a lick of paint is all i want to be dealing with then!!x

  2. I love it all! And since I can tell of the transformation of that bathroom cupboard I am totally on your team. Let's face it, it was a sad skinny cupboard and now it is a thing of beauty! I know whatever you do it will be glam and I will be jealous ha xxx

  3. Haha, I just love that cupboard so much. It's been the perfect size. I still can't think of anything I would've prefered more - it was just meant to be. I still have my gorgeous rattan art deco cane chair from you and so many other things. You'll have to do a series of posts with piccie's of all the items you've salvaged over the years and where they've ended up. That i'd love to see, you find the best things!!!xo