Friday, June 15, 2012

Building is Commencing - Stable door find.

Our builder commences in 2 weeks to build in underneath the house.

With the tweaking of plans a weekly occurance (by retentive me) we're good to go. It's hard to change bathroom layouts when the slab and plumbing have already been put in.

5 years brings new/better/more affordable and more convenient ideas. Let's hope anyway.

I've had a win this week. I found the external laundry door.

This is it.

It's an old dutch door (stable door). $160 Demo yard. Woo! This type of bargain brings me so much joy. Particulary after signing off on the windows and doors for the rest of the house. Wooden framed = exy.

I was having one quoted to be made and to have something this sturdy, with this kind of glass and this detail - it'd be over $1000 and that's money i'f prefer to use for better tiles in the bathroom. On the back side of the bottom door, it has nicer detailing for inside. I'm most pleased.

I'm intending on using this entrance for any garden dirty feet work - a small version mud room, so in order to keep the dog out and still capture a breeze it's a great option for us.

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  1. Love your door. We have started hitting the demo yards as well, so much wonderful stuff. Looking forward to seeing more of your reno.