Monday, February 6, 2012

Bushells 'Tea of Flavor' ...

What magical weather we had here in Brisbane on the weekend. Let's pray it keeps up and spreads its gloriousness to our friends in St George and other regions who are experiencing weather gone bad.

I achieved a few things on the weekend and one of them was finalising some dimensions for the study downstairs. I've opted for a skinny room for sole 'office' purposes, in order to have a larger bedroom rather than having having a small bedroom and a small bedroom/office.

So while stepping out measurements for downstairs I was using these teaboxes as the study desk, well, where the desk will be. They looked so lovely lined up I thought i'd take a pic.
I've had them for about 5 months now but they just get moved around and used as imaginery walls, desks, baths etc on a slab of concrete.  I like them together so I think down the track, somewhere, i'll put nice big leafed pots in each of them. Use them as a screen or space divider. The Bushells my fave. The shade of blue's v pretty.

The inside still has remnants of the foil. All-in-all externally they're in pretty good condition. The woman who  owned them used to work in a tea factory, i'm guessing a Bushell's one? She did say, but I forget.
And speaking of tea, I met the lovely MMMC from Make Mine Mid-Century Saturday. Knee deep in boxes and packing paper and still smiling. You're a better woman than I. 

Doing a pre moving declutter, MMMC was offloading this teaset below which I've been lucky enough to get my greedy little crockery loving hands on.
Thanks again, they're so cute. I do like birds. My coffee cups have birds on them too.

Our front garden is being strategically dug up by the new addition to the family. He digs up just Bromeliads. They've all been dug out as if i'd used a shovel myself. Weird. Is this normal? Just bromeliads. Nothing else.


  1. Oh Liz, you're such a doll! Each blogger who's been good enough to take something from me has been absolutely gorgeous. I felt like a complete frump when you came over! And by the time I got back upstairs, four out of six cup cakes had been scoffed. Thank you!

    I'm so glad you like the set. It always took me some time to match the saucers with the ups! I think you'll make them look wonderful.xo

  2. Liz is a total glam doll I agree! I wonder what it is about the plants that he likes and why only them.