Friday, March 9, 2012

Winter Fashion

Even though I'm a Queenslander and love nothing more than swimming around in a sea of blue water in summer time, I do become excited when Autumn fronts up and welcomes winter.

I adore winter clothes. Hats, gloves, capes, ponchos, tenchcoats, boots. This morning the Today Show reported that Melbourne Fashion Week's on at the moment. I wonder what they have in store?

Many moons ago I worked for Carla Zampatti. This is from her collection last year. I still love her clothes and her daughter's, Bianca Spender. Some would say she's for a more mature audience. I disagree.

When I was O/S it was winter and I purchased a few things that i'm looking forward to finally wearing. Two of them were these Fendi Rain Boots, which I'll wear as all-rounders. They have a nice gloss finish so they look patent
and this Dolce & Gabbana Mesh Trench coat.

They did a bit of a gothic collection in 2010, I stumbled across it in the Dolce & Gabbana outlet in Vegas. It's actually their Spring Collection and not very warm at all (it's made entirely out of mesh), but over black pants etc it'll be good for our winter. 

Thinking about the D&G shop, my main recollection of my experience (other than paying half price) was how incredibly arrogant the sales girl was. Terrible. It's amazing what we'll put up with for something we want, even though we shouldn't have to.

It seems that these shades below are the trend for autumn/winter 2012/2013.

Tangerine and teal are such pretty colours.
Happy Winter Shopping!

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  1. love those rain boots. Perfect for a wet Brisbane day.