Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Coat of Arms

I found this at a demo yard.
It's a coat of arms mould that belongs above a door.

These wooden moulds must have a proper name but I have no idea what it might be. At first I couldn't see the emu and kangaroo, I just thought it was a design of some sort.

We decided to modify it to fit above our front verandah door and to do so needed to make a frame for it to sit in. 
It was nail gunned and glued and timber strips added to the back sides to keep it in place.

3 weeks later we finally painted it and this is it now.
The plan was for it to go directly above the door frame but it ended up being a teeny bit snug. The door frame must've changed size...

Good old demo yards - It's amazing what you may find!


  1. Love demo yards too! I like how youv'e used the panel like the finishing touch.Don't know what the panel might be called but if it was a window it would be called a Transom window,is that the same thing?

  2. It's called fretwork and it's a beauty. I love this design, our current house Besty has just plain slats for fretwork but the ornate ones are gorgeous, so cool you could use it there , looks excellent. melx

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