Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dreaming of Danish ...

There's a Danish furniture sale on at Albion Antique Auction Centre this week. Started yesterday and ends Saturday. 

I hopped on the website and spotted this chair that I had to have .....
$15,000. Ouch! Glorious though. Not surprisingly, a sign at the store says ' do not sit on this chair'.  

Regardless of this little emotional setback, there were a number of other items which looked great and were priced more affordably to moi. Quite a few extendible tables, sideboards, there was this desk which in real life is gorgeous. I think it was $600 or something like that? ... good price, or maybe that was another desk. not sure.
This lounge, which i am very fond of, is $3,900, it has a planter box as part of it. Very cool, unique and a good price and excellent condition.
There's also some period antiques in another room which are equally lovely. I adore good craftsmanship and the smell of nicely aged timber.

You can check out items here:


  1. OH gosh! If that desk was 600 it is a very good price.
    I'll have to be there first thing on Saturday morning (contemplates calling in sick to work tomorrow) as I'm after a secretaire desk. Oh so pretty.

    Thanks so much for sharing, no idea how I missed seeing this. Love that lounge with the planter in it "Sorry honey, I can't hear you, you'll have to trim the plants".

  2. This is all so beautiful it makes me ill.

    I love that lounge too. I love it. Love.

    You may have to email me about the cups.